Summer Symposium of the Junior GBM

July 21 - 23, 2023

Imaging Network Microscopy


Modern microscopy techniques enable amazing views into cells and organisms. But generating an expressive image is often hard and needs advanced methods, good equipment and experience. For these reasons, the Imaging Network Microscopy and the Multiscale Imaging Centre (MIC) provide expertise and microscopes to scientist in Münster and help applying techniques like TIRF, Confocal and Super-Resolution microscopy on current research questions. In this workshop, Dr. Thomas Zobel (Coordinator Imaging Network Microscopy) and his team will give you insights into different microscopy techniques and demonstrate how to produce fascinating images on a microscopic scale.

cryo EM facility


You want to take a picture of a molecule? Impossible? Not for cryo EM!

This technique has seen a rapid development during the last decade. After the “resolution revolution” and the Nobel prize in 2017, cryo EM became a powerful and widely used method in structural biology. One of the (currently) best cryo EM microscopes in the world and an Aquilos Cryo FIB (Focused Ion Beam device) were installed in the recently opened EM facility in Münster. With these devices, scientist will take pictures of molecules at atomic resolution and will furthermore establish cryo-electron tomography to enable snapshots of protein, DNA and other macromolecules directly in their native cellular environment. Facility manager Dr. Alexander Neuhaus and the team of Prof. Christos Gatsogiannis will explain the techniques to you and give a guided tour to the facility.




The GBM Working Group of Young Investigators introduces itself to you and invites, in an open panel discussion, to an informal exchange about the subsequent steps of a scientific career, with a focus on the time after the PhD. From our current perspective of young group leaders, we will offer personal experiences and tips based on different career paths for interested participants. We will certainly address the classic questions, e.g. on deciding for or against one or more postdoctoral stays and the first group leader position, as well as current topics around one's own expectations, external requirements and general challenges such as work-life balance, career and family, funding and the relevance of lab stays abroad. In this discussion, three YI representatives will be happy to answer your questions arising during the discussion.