Sustainability - The topic of our time


Within the past few years, our awareness of the environment and the way we have treated it up to now has grown greatly. We must no longer live at the expense of future generations and are obliged to do more for the preservation of our nature. This idea regularly drives thousands of young people to the streets under the "Fridays for Future" movement for a future worth living. We also share these concerns and as bioscience students, we are asking ourselves what role science can and should play in this problem and what responsibility it must take. Therefore, we would like to give space to this topic in this summer symposium to be discussed with other students as well as with other scientists.

Framework Program


We are still in the process of organizing an exciting and sustainable leisure and evening program for you. You will have the opportunity to participate in interesting workshops and get to know other jGBM members as well as the most beautiful corners of Hamburg. Registered participants will get the chance to sign up. Attention: Sign up quickly! The number of spots for the activities is limited.



When booking, you have the option to choose a ticket including accommodation or a ticket without accommodation. For the event period, 45 beds have been reserved in the hostel "Backpackers St. Pauli" close to the city centre. Therefore, the number of tickets including accommodation is limited to 45. The purchase of an accommodation ticket also includes a breakfast buffet and bedsheets provided by the hostel.

Alternatively, it is possible to book your own accommodation if necessary.



During our symposium, we want to shine light on three major aspects of substainability. Therefore we distinguish three different sessions:

Session I – Research as key for sustainability

The pandemic has shown how irreplaceable research is for the well-being of mankind. Scientists were able to save countless lives through the development of vaccines. We therefore believe that through further research, solutions can be developed to preserve nature and our standard of living. In this block we want to listen to scientists and their research for a more sustainable life.

Session II – Sustainability in the lab

We are firmly convinced that science must play a pioneering role in social change. At the same time, however, we see that plastic and various pollutants are used in the laboratory every day. Is there another way? Green Lab initiatives have already developed strategies for sustainable research, for example to reduce plastic. Likewise, there are also companies and bio-tech startups with sustainable ideas. We would like to offer them a platform in this part of our symposium.

Session III – sustainable working conditions for scientists

In addition to the points on sustainability presented so far, we are also concerned with another aspect: the sustainable treatment of researchers in science. Despite their great responsibility, scientists rarely seem to be properly appreciated. The current law on temporary contracts for scientists puts a lot of pressure on many researchers and affects their own life and well-being. Just how precarious working conditions are in science has become apparent in recent years under the hashtag #ichbinhanna. In a panel discussion we will also address this important topic and discuss possible solutions.


What to expect!

Who says sustainable science has to be dull and boring? During our symposium we are proud to present a colourful mix of speakers from research, industry and the start-up landscape, all talking about their topics, ideas and visions for a more sustainable tomorrow.

The honours of opening our event will be held by our keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheffran from the University of Hamburg, an expert in the field of human-society-environment interaction.

Not to spoil everything at once, but we are also going international, hearing from a young entrepreneur from Austria giving lab plastic scraps a second (and stylish) life. We are even going to be listening to the Bio-Plastics Europe initiative and their efforts to develop strategies and solutions to implement bio-plastics in our everyday life.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our website to learn more details about our speakers very soon!

Friday, 29. Juli
15:30-18:00 Registration
17:00 Greeting
18:00 Keynotespeaker
19:30 Dinner
22:00- open end Evening Program
Saturday, 30. Juli
10:00-12:00 Session I
  "Research as the key to sustainability"
12:00-14:00 Session II
  "Sustainability in the laboratory"
14:00-15:00 Lunchtime
15:00-20:00 Free Time and Workshops
22:00- open end

Evening Program

Sonntag, 31. Juli
10:00-12:00 Panel discussion
From 12:00 Farewell and fade out



Registration for jGBM-Members now open!!!

Registration for non-GBM members now open!!!

Participation in the Summer Symposium is open to anyone interested. Despite the current situation, the Summer Symposium will take place in presence, which is why a participant limit of 100 people is necessary. So, decide early if you want to be there!

Covid-19 information

We are very pleased to announce that the summer symposium will take place in person again. Nevertheless, the pandemic isn’t over yet, which is why Covid 19 rules have to be followed. Throughout the summer symposium, the 2G rules will apply. Participants have to be fully vaccinated or recovered. A negative test result is not sufficient. Furthermore, FFP2 masks will be mandatory for indoor events.


You have the possibility to buy a ticket for the symposium OR a ticket for the symposium and accommodation.

The ticket for the symposium costs 15€. For this registration the deadline is 15.07.2022.
The ticket for symposium and accommodation costs 70€. For this registration the deadline is 23.06.2022.


What you have to pay attention to when registering:

Please check your email address before submitting the registration form! The email address is needed for the invoice.
The transfer of the participation fee with accommodation must be made by 23.6. (if on 27.6. no payment has been received by GBM, the hostel for this person will be cancelled. A reminder will not be sent). You will then be considered not registered and would have to re-register for the option without hostel if you are still interested in the symposium.
Cancellation of participation in case of registration with hostel is not possible after 27.6. even if you get sick!!!
Registration without hostel ends on 15.7., payment must be received by 20.7. at the latest. Also here a cancellation after 15.7. is no longer possible.


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Organization & Contact



The Summer Symposium is organized by members of the Hamburg City Group.